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Testimonial from Thanabalan

Hi Thanabalan , I'd like to have some feedback from you.
1) Have you ever tried the 4D Numbers given by other 4D Masters or using 4D Software?

Yes, I did tried once or twice but the prediction method really difficult and we need to invest about RM50 to get good numbers. Its just ‘good numbers’ but NOT confirmed it will strike. Normally it wont strike.

2) Did you compare Kumantong 4D numbers and other 4D Numbers given by other Masters before you sign up Kumantong 4D Number?

No. For me its waste of time, coz even they can be accurate, maybe it’s for one or 2 draws. I been monitoring your sites and seem almost all the draws it’s accurate by 3 digit that I think is really good enough for me to dig exact numbers.

3) What are the reasons you decide to choose 4D numbers given by Kumantongs?

Coz you give only number that accurate by 3 digits (mostly). So it really easy for me to predict the missing number.

4) If you have tried 4D numbers given by other 4D masters or using 4D Software , what you would like to comment on them?

For me, the 4D is cannot be used by software BECAUSE the 4D is predicted numbers that already set by the company. I have tried this and it works mostly.

Thanabalan Suppiah