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Ang Bao of SGD$38 from Old Time Client for Winning 2nd Prize on her own 4D Number

Dear Kumantong Master,

Good day!

Many thanks to you and your Kumantong. Your kumantong help me to strike again. I have just make a transfer of S$38/- to your account for Ang Bao for you and Offerings for kumantong. Please help me to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantong.

This is my appreciation to Kumantong Master and Kumantong for blessing me to strike my own number 3239 yesterday.

Thanks also for the blessing from the Talismans.

May your kumantong continue to bless me to strike again.

Thanks and best regards.

Client Chamelene has been blessed by the 'Gods Of Wealth' Talisman & Kumantongs (from Kumantong 4D Master) again and again..

Strike Magnum 4D Prediction on Toto 4D 2nd Prize on 2nd try!

Hi There,

So sorry I didnt get your name, may I know your name instead of calling you "there" all the time? Dont know where to start, I dont know its a good news or bad.

The number unfortunately didnt appear on Magnum, not even close to any of the number there on first and second day. It hurts so much especially on the first day. Yes I know there is no such things as confirm will win number, its just a prediction given by Kumantong and I already expect it but you know the feelings when you are extremely desperate and that is the final way, like other human being Im putting a very high expectation and the higher you go the harder you fall. That would be best to describe my feelings especially on the first day.

I bet kind of a lot of first day (a lot to me especially when Im in this situation, approximately RM120 or more) so its very painful. I haven't give up so I try again on second day (Sunday) and same feelings but less pain as I prepare myself to fall though the expectation are still high (not as high as first day). I bought and waited till 7.30pm to have complete result out.. Ouch, another fall. I sat down and my mind was totally blank. My only hope was gone too.. keep telling myself I had been told to try 3 times and maybe there are miracle but deep down inside my mind I know I should have not put so much hope and someone text me.

I totally forgot that I did asked my friend to help me buy on Toto and Kuda as well. I bought RM1 for each combination number of 3519 and I strike second prize for Toto. I get RM1100 (additional 10% for 'private lobang') on second try. Its a mix feelings, I dont know whether I should be happy or sad. I requested Magnum but it appears on Toto. Maybe it was Kumantong or maybe it was just pure coincidence.

I dont know, I really dont know but I know for sure its a sign of relieves, at least I got some cash to roll for third try and maybe buy some drinks and sweets for Kumantong. I did google and came across articles saying they likes sweet drinks and sweets. I always see vitagen and sweets as offering. I am not good in paypal, can you help me request a small amount of SGD28 from Paypal like last time and help me buy some sweets and vitagen for Kumantong.

I know its not a big amount and I need to trouble you but if this is really helps from Kumantong I would love to do some offering. I was brought up in a family to never take favour and if you do always find way to pay back. I can't contribute much but I guess a small gesture will be good.

Thank you
- P.Y, Malacca

Important Note from Kumantong 4D Master: 4D Numbers given is valid for 3 tries (3 draws). No confirm sure win. If really strike, usually is on top 3 prize, can be direct strike or mbox / ibox strike. The goal is hope it comes out direct top 3 prize on 1st try.

Jade Emperor blessed me with a successful job application- Xavier, Philippines

Dear Si-Fu Super Kumantong,

I just wanted to let you know for the past five years I have enjoyed visiting your website and I thank you for all of the information there. I have personally begun to learn and appreciate Taoism altogether.

Two weeks ago when I was looking for a new job I just decided out of chance to visit a Taoist temple in my area and I prayed to the Jade Emperor that my job application would be a success. And just three days later I received a call from the company I applied and told me I was accepted into their company! 😄 I could not contain my joy upon hearing the news.

Could you advise me the best way I could show my thanks to the Jade Emperor for his intervention? Thank you once again. 🙏

Yours truly,
Xavier , Philippines

*Sifu Super Kumantong Replied:
Go back to the same temple, buy a pack of Joss Papers (Ti Gong Kim) and joss sticks to offer and thank the Jade Emporer.

2 Taoist Sorcery Talismans all the way to Italy

The 2 Talismans have arrived now. They are beautiful and I feels that they have a beautifu lspiritual energy! Thank You very much" - Mr. Italy, 11 Sept  2018.

Note: Mr. Italy had ordered 'Ultimate Sexual Attraction 3 In 1' Talisman last time and found it to be effective, therefore he decided to order the Fox Spirit Talisman and Gods Of Wealth Talisman.

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Testimonial for the Ultimate Salesman Talisman - I keep seeing money flowing in to my account

"Hi Shi Fu, I have received the talisman a week ago. The amazing part of this talisman is that .. even if it is not related to my sales job, somehow I keep seeing money flowing in to my account. My items that were not selling online.. all were sold within this few days! Thank you for creating such an effective talisman!" - Isa Ng , SG - 6 Sept 2018

Client order another same Talisman for her friend:
"Hi Shi Fu, Just told my friend about the effect of this talisman. I would like to order from you another Ultimate Sales man talisman and the payment is made. " - Isa Ng , SG - 6 Sept 2018

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The Five Ghost Talisman has been helping me clear some of my debts!

Hi Taoist Sorcery Master!

I am happy to tell you that I believe the Five Ghost Talisman You created for me has been helping me overcome some of my problems.

It is like this...

I owe a lot of debts to money lenders.

Lately, I prayed for help and somehow I felt that I was given money here and there to clear some of them.

I still owe a lot of debts but at least the talisman did help me alleviate some of it.

So I just want to give back a small token as appreciation, and to seek more blessings from them to help me through this difficult times to completely clear all my debts.

I would contribute SGD50.00 as appreciation and to seek further empowerment to help me solve this crisis.

Master, please keep my testimony private and confidential.

Thank You Taoist Sorcery Master!

Best Regards,
Happy Believer (Of Taoist Sorcery)

These are the following talismans that Client 'Happy Believer' have owned:
1. Protection All-in-One (36 Deities) Talisman
2. Gods of Wealth of All Directions Talisman
3. Yin Shan Sect Fast Furious (7 in 1) Talisman
4. Ultimate 5 Ghosts Multi-Purpose Talisman 

Important Note: Client has been encouraged to seek Lottery Numbers (4D numbers / Toto numbers) from the 5 ghosts by praying to the 5 ghosts talisman and using the "Shake Cup" Method (To shake for numbers). This way, there is high chance to Strike Direct Top 3 very often, and easier to clear his debts faster. The reason is because with the support from the spirit entities, winning the lottery is very easy. (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumatnong 4D Master is the best living example how he strikes his own 4D by applying what he preaches to the followers -

Caution: Never bet on Lottery if You never know how to seek help from gods and ghosts. You will never strike.

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Sending Taoist Talismans all the way from Singapore to Malta

Hello my dear sincere friend Super Kumantong,

Please note that today my order of the 2 Talismans was delivered to me and I would like to say that your Talismans are amazing and I am really astounded about them.

Thank you.

With all my sincerest regards,
- Gae, Malta