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Sending Taoist Talismans all the way from Singapore to Malta

Hello my dear sincere friend Super Kumantong,

Please note that today my order of the 2 Talismans was delivered to me and I would like to say that your Talismans are amazing and I am really astounded about them.

Thank you.

With all my sincerest regards,
- Gae, Malta

SGD$18 Ang Bao to Kumantong 4D Master for Winning her own 4D number on 2nd & Consolation

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

Good day!

Many thanks to you and your Kumantong. Your kumantong help me to strike again. I have just make a transfer of S$18/- to your account for Ang Bao for you and Offerings for kumantong. Please help me to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantong.

This is my appreciation to Kumantong Master and Kumantong for blessing me to strike my own number Ibet 1967 yesterday.

Thanks also for the blessing from the Talismans.
May your kumantongs continue to bless me.

Thanks and best regards.
Chamelene, SG
28 June 2018

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Even computer predictions can never be accurate as You..

Master, this month the number you gave me never open but jumped. I never get sad or angry about it. But this shows that you and your kids are real deal that really have some magic powers, even computer predictions can never be accurate as you. I won't blame you or your kids for anything as gambling is just a matter of luck also and the gov is controlling the game behind. If one day I really win 200k or more from you. I will start to do big donations around me to help people for sure and donate back some to you also. I will just bet all your numbers within my means with $1 to $10 6 draws, won't be too much and the winning amounts will still be good.

- Kah, SG

Almost throw away the Winng Ticket - Hit Direct System on Starter - SGD$500

Raya (Jun) testimonial await top prize -wed 27
20 dollar credited and some candy for him-TQ
I almost crash (evening) but a feeling ask me to look again (midnight). Despite sat turn down.. Not mistake me as I am sad at first glance but I still put hope for Wednesday. Haha it really appear it has - hit a jackpot. my apologise for ugly face of the ticket slip. I have a really bad time in the afternoon I hit my head badly over my brother rushing for a bus arrival the ceiling at the bus stop with poor misjudgement by the urgent cause as a result some moody and angry incident early on.. Yeah- this Wednesday will a victory- cheers
I was emotionally sad despite that having some bad times. I could not believe that I win starter *ibet. A good start of the Raya for Jun 2018 although it did not came to the Top but really help in giving the positive outcome for smooth journey and never too quick to judge you will never know what next will happen. The open door of hope! -My Gratitude to you and -"kumantong some candy for you". I have transferred $20 *Quote: - More candy coming 

- Client Hew Raven , Singapore
- 24th June 2018  (Sunday)

*A Short Note from Kumantong 4D Master : Client bought $2 Direct System ,  Starter came out as 4121 , therefore he should had won SGD$500.

Your kids seems to be real powerful - My mum Strike 4D

Kumantong 4D Master,

Your kids seems to be real powerful.

After I prayed to the picture of the 3 Kumantongs , my mum seems to strike a small sum these few weeks.

I also introduced your blog to my friend. He said that after praying to it, he seems to get hit by someone lightly at the back of his head from nowhere, what does this means and you seems to be quite powerful.

K.K Tan , Singapore
8th June 2018

Client sending other people's amulets / takruts away after getting powerful Kumantong and Taoist Talisman from Taoist Sorcery Master

Client Lim: 
"Hi Master, I need some advice from you. Previously, I bought some Thailand Takrut and amulet from a local dealer by postage, but seriously I do not know if they were spiritually activated. And I do not remember who I got them from because I couldn't find them on Facebook anymore.

Let's assume they were spiritually activated, I would like to send them away since I already got Your powerful Kumantong and God of Wealth Talisman from you.  Is there anyway I can send them away without offending them? Thank you."

Taoist Sorcery Master (a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master):

You can cast them onto the flowing river or sea. Then light up incense sticks and thank them for their help. You can stick the Joss Sticks on the sand or grass patch, burn few pieces of Kim Zua (Joss Papers for the deities level) at the spot.

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Thank you very much for the winning number - SGD$200 Ang Bao

"Hi, Thank you very much for the winning number 7997 that I received last night. I strike Starter price after a long dry period. I have transferred $200 to your account to thank you and Kumantong."
- D.K , Singapore - 8 April 2018 - Sunday.

Kumantong 4D Master's own Winning Tickets

I laugh when 'Smart' Ass ask me ... "If so Accurate, why You don't buy the numbers for Yourself?" Because I personally also strike on Clients' 4D Prediction Numbers given by my Kumantongs.

Collecting Money from SG Pools

Not like other 4D 'Masters', Only Kumantong 4D Master will bet on the 4D Predictions sent to Clients because he belief there is a high chance the numbers given will strike Direct TOP 3 Prizes.

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