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Gods Of Wealth Talisman Help Client Strike 4D 3RD Prize!

"The God Of Wealth Talisman had helped me strike a bit. Here is a little token of appreciation, Thank U." - Client Lim Of Gods Of Wealth Talisman

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Client Lim have been winning Singapore Pools 4D TOP 3 Prizes ever since he ordered and kept the Gods Of Wealth Talisman. This time, he won 3rd Prize Ibet again and sent SGD$20 Ang Bao (Token Of Appreciation) to Taoist Sorcery Master (a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master).

Takte Note: The fee  to create and empower Gods Of Wealth Talisman is not cheap. Not many people can afford it or willing to pay the expensive fee to have it done for them. Kindly email Taoist Sorcery Master and ask how much is the fee.

Win Not Much.. Only Hit DIRECT Consolation Prize on Singapore Pools 4D

Kumantong 4D Prediction (Kumantong 4D Master's own personal 4D Number) given by Kumantong , hit Direct Consolation on Singapore Pools 4D.

Hitting Starter or Consolation usually might be a hint given by Kumantong that the same number might hit TOP 3 Prize soon.

Gods and Ghosts are always there waiting to help You to win the lottery.

Modern days "educated" people are too "smart" not to believe in this "bullshit".

I Won Starter tonight! I've been buying for years and haven't won anything in a long time!

Hello Super KMT,

I won Starter tonight! Very happy and many thanks to you and your kumantongs! Although the prize is a small amount but happy that at least I won something. I've been buying for years and haven't won anything in a long time :( In appreciation, I have transferred $20.00 to your account for your ang bao and offerings for your kumantongs. Please thank your kumantongs for me for their help. Looking forward to more wins :D

- L1711, Singapore
29 Oct 2017, Sunday

Kumantong 4D Power Tip:
Hitting Starter or Consolation is just a hint that TOP 3 Prize is coming. Might hit again. It is a way kumantongs give hint.

Spiritually Empowered Taoist Altar Of A Taoist Westerner from The Netherlands

A Taoist Westerner from The Netherlands sought help to create and empower a "36 Heavenly Warriors" Talisman to Spiritually Activate his Taoist Altar.

After framing up The "36 Heavenly Warriors" Talisman,  You can fully feel the impact of the Spiritual Power projecting out from the Activated Taoist Altar.

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Magnum 4D Prediction Shoot To Sports Toto 4D as Iperm 2nd Prize!

"Hi, Given number open elsewhere. In Sports Toto, did strike a small amount of money. Even though strike Iperm 2nd Prize and in different counter but still happy,. Thanks!" - Chow, Malaysian 

Malaysian Client / Customer ask for Magnum 4D Prediction and paid the fee for Kumantong 4D Prayer to seek 4D Numbers for him.

At night, the Magnum 4D Prediction by Both Hands Raising Kumantong shoot to Sports Toto 4D Luckily,  he covered his backside on Sports Toto 4D. He won Iperm 2nd Prize on Sports Toto 4D.
Given 0216, came out as 6102 - 2nd Prize.

Kumantong 4D Master received a SGD$10 Ang Bao / Offering from Malaysian Client / Customer.

SGD$888 Ang Bao for Winning Singapore Pools 4D Direct 1st Prize

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

Good day!

Many thanks to you and your Kumantongs. Your kumantongs help me to strike again. I have just make a transfer of SGD$888/- to your account for Ang Bao for you and Offerings for Your kumantongs. Please help me to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantongs.

This is my appreciation to Kumantong 4D Master and Your Kumantongs for blessing me to strike my own number 1967 - Direct 1st Prize on sunday - 03 Sept 2017.

Miss C.Chua, Singapore.

Successful Gay Love Ritual

"I'm gay (Man like Man), May I know since i am a homosexual, do you have a ritual that can make another or any man i desire to be my slave? The target may or may not be homosexual (uncertain of his sexual orientation) ,or / and , Do you have a very extremely powerful ritual for sex that can be seen effective in a short time? Something that will make the guy (uncertain of his sexual orientation) want to have and think about having sex with me only. Please let me know what is needed for the above Rituals / Spells / Talismans. What is the price / fee to pay to use such rituals / Spells / Talismans and how much is it to engage such services?" - Gay Guy

After Ultimate Gay Love Ritual was done...
"My guy friend and I are closer now!" - Gay Guy 

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