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It has given me quiet confidence and eloquence ..

"I bought your Academic Excellence Talisman last year and would like to thank you for it has given me quiet confidence and eloquence when I speak. I might still feel nervous at times, but I regain my composure quicker and have little problems getting my ideas across." - Alan, SG

This talisman helps a student to focus 100% on his studies. With 100% concentration, the student will able to memorize and remember everything on what he /she has studied. This way, this student definitely will gonna score well for his / her exams with flying colours.

Young Students, as well as, working adults who are still pursuing higher education and sometime need a boost of confidence during exams, will benefit a lot by owning and keeping the Academic Excellence Talisman.

Folks who order Academic Excellence Talisman are often time the working adults, who are already professionals in their carreer.

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Won SGD$830 on Ibet 1st Prize and Ang Bao SGD$88 for You

"Hi Sir, I would like to thank you and Kumantong with the predictions number letting me strike yesterday 4D 1st Prize although just ibet but I am very happy too. (Attached Screenshot for your testimonial) I have transferred $88 for thanking you and Kumantong. Also I made another $30 for a new draw of number as I not sure if the number has strike can I still continue buy for the next 2 draws? Thank you very much!" -Regards, Paul Kee (SG).

Client has won SGD$830 on Ibet 1st Prize. He sent Ang Bao SGD$88 as token of Appreciation and Prayer Offering to thank the Kumantongs. I (Kumantong 4D master - Email: don't demand for Ang Bao. Ang Bao is from the good heart of the clients.

Kumantong 4D Prediction Tips by Kumantong 4D Master to Client Paul Kee:

Just a suggestion for buying Kumantong 4D Numbers. Usually if really strike... often time, it is on TOP 3 Prize.. so for me, I often buy more on "Small" and cover backside a bit on "Big" just in case Kumantongs want to play my backside to win on Starter or Consol.. or give initial hint that big direct winning is coming.

This is only true if numbers are given by my kumantongs or Talismans, because if really strike, usually will hit on Top 3 Prize. For other ppl who play blindly, without support from gods or ghosts, they don't stand any chance of winning.

Take note that "small" can claim bigger pay out if hit top 3, no money win on starter or consol strike.

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"I Strike Direct Starter (SG Pools 4D) !" - Kenneth

"My KMT give me strike starter. Please accept $20 as my appreciation. May your other KMT bless me also" - Kenneth, SG

Side Note By Kumantong 4D Master ( Kenneth recently invested in a Tiny Oil Bottle Version Kumantong from me. Not long ago, he had just hit a Consolation Prize and miss 1 number on 1st Prize. This time, he hit Direct Starter Prize. He sent me SGD$20 as Token Of Appreciation.

Kenneth received my advice to take note of the 4D Numbers given during near Chinese New Year Period because Kumantongs very often like to give Direct TOP 3 Strike during Chinese New Year.

Important Notice: All the Kumantongs by Kumantong 4D Master are owned, spiritually boosted with Taoist Sorcery and trained personally in 4D by me, therefore once You keep and pray to it, You are likely to continously Strike 4D non-stop, like my other clients / followers.

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Token of appreciation of SGD$500 - The Talismans work!

"Hi Sifu, Just sent you a token of appreciation of SGD$500 because my stock portfolio is doing quite well this year, especially after I got the various talismans from you. Thanks again and have a good day." -  Joe Chang, Malaysia

The lists of Taoist Talismans that Client Joe ordered:
1) Protection All In One (36 Spiritual Warriors) Talisman
2) Gods Of Wealth Talisman
3) Supreme Sex God (5 In 1) Talisman
4) 'Noblemen of 5 Directions come desperately Helping' Talisman
5) Ultimate Salesman Talisman 

Side Note by Taoist Sorcery Master (

You will never find get any Taoist Sorcery Talismans from any popular public taoist temples, even if You're prepared to pay money to buy them. The only way You can find many variety (few hundreds to few thousands types) of genuine, powerful Taoist Talismans for different purposes is to consult a Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer.

Popular Public Chinese Temples are those type of temples that You just pay money to buy a bundle of candles, joss sticks and joss papers, or the temple provides 'free' incense sticks for You to pray. They don't provide Tang-Ki Worship (Taoist Spirit Mediums Consultation) and no Taoist Priests / Masters / Sorcerers to do prayer for You. You just go in and pray yourself , then do donation, and get lost.

Popular Public Chinese Temples may provide "FREE" mass-printed-version of just 1 type of talisman - 'Safety / Protection' Talisman (平安符) that have never gone through consecrating / empowering / activating ritual. You can't find any other variety of Taoist Sorcery Talismans either, be it genuine or fake.

Even though folks are not aware that they are keeping a Fake Talisman, at least they feel peaceful while carrying a fake one.

Not everyone has the opportunity to receive genuine, powerful Taoist Talismans. If they do, they realise the talismans to be created and empowered for them by me (Taoist Sorcery Master) are extremely expensive.

However, when clients / followers willing to pay high fees for the talismans to be created and empowered for them and then send Ang Bao / Token Of Appreciation, You know the deities and ghosts invoked from the talismans have help to improve their lives tremendously.

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Your Kumantong even can let me Strike Toto.. Amazing!

"Kumantong I bought from You blessed me with small toto winnings. I chouldn't believe my eyes " - Keith, SG

Note from Kumantong 4D Master (Email: :

Keith has been keeping his Tiny Oil Bottle Kumantong , which he ordered from me, for quite awhile. Since then, he has been Striking 4D quite often from the Numbers given by his Kumantong.

After trying out on seeking Toto numbers from Kumantong, he managed to strike 3 numbers, which he find it amazing , because Winning Toto is a very difficult task. I belief Kumantong will help him to continue to Win 4D & Toto  in future.

Even though Kumantongs from me are very expensive, there are folks who will insist on only getting Kumantongs (and Taoist Talismans)  that are kept and trained by me (Kumantong 4D Master).

Just bought Your Tiny Oil Bottle Kumantong and it's damn Powerful!

"Master Sly, I bought the first prediction that kumantong gave me. First prize miss by 1 number. Amazing! Just wanted to let you know. Another number he gave me strike consolation. Transferred $10 as kopi money as my appreciation. You may share my emails as testimony but please hide my email address. Thank you." - Kenneth, Singapore.

Note from Kumantong 4D Master (Email: :

Kenneth was hoping to keep a spiritual item to help him to increase his wealth. He felt that he is just a salaried worker and the only way to increase his wealth faster is through Lottery and maybe Investment. He was pondering whether to get a Kumantong, Lup Yong or a Taoist Wealth Talisman from Kumantong 4D Master.

After much discussion with him, he personally decided to go for Tiny Oil Bottle Kumantong. After he received his Tiny Oil Bottle Kumantong, he immediately prayed to it and follow the same method (taught by Kumantong 4D Master) to seek 4D Numbers from his Kumantong.

He managed to Win a Consolation Prize and also miss 1 number on 1st Prize, just on the 1st Try.

Miss by 1 number on TOP 3 Prize or hitting on Consolation or Starter, are both similar hints from Kumantong that the same numbers might hit TOP 3 Prize on next draw. Only Kumantongs owned and trained by Kumantong 4D Master (Email: can have such a feat.  - Because of this, Client Kenneth finds it too amazing.

Follower of Kumantong 4D Method Hits Ibet 2nd Prize

"Hi Master, Pls see attached. KMT had been giving numbers that missed TOP 3 by one number. Today almost exact, but got ibet I am happy also. Regards" - Keith, SG - 13 Nov 2019 (Wed).

Short Note by Kumantong 4D Master: Ever since Keith own a Kumantong Tiny Oil Version, which was spiritually boosted with Taoist Sorcery Ritual and trained by Kumantong 4D Master, he has been striking 4D quite often by himself.

On Wednesday (13 Nov 2019), he won 2nd Prize Ibet and miss 1 number on 3rd Prize, with his own number that he sought from his own Kumantong.

Extra Tips: Striking Ibet Top 3 is also hint from Kumantongs that the upcoming draws with new numbers  might come out Direct TOP 3 Prize. It is a way that Kumantongs (owned and trained by Kumantong 4D Master) inform You to take note and stay alert for winning BIG MONEY.