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$100 Ang Bao From Client Who Strike 4D Direct 2nd Prize

A new client whose dad has money problem, sought help from Kumantong 4D Master to help him strike 4D. He paid the fee and was given Kumantong 4D Prediction for Wednesday (14 Feb 2018), one day before Chinese New Year Eve 2018.

Indeed, at night, the number come out as Direct 2nd Prize.

Fools like us who believe in the spiritual power of gods and ghosts, will be blessed to strike 4D.

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Positive Feedback from A Taoist New Yorker On Improvising A Mini Taoist Altar & Burning Of Joss Papers

Thanks very much Taoist Sorcerer, I did it on the day of the full moon.

My set up wasn't the best ( pic attached... I used tinfoil to make a container for the joss papers ) . When I said the Chinese Prayers (Taoist 10 Important Chants) while holding the mini Joss Sticks and burn the Joss Papers, I basically said thank you to the Dieties for their help, and asked for continued help etc.

A few interesting sensations while I was doing this: As my eyes were closed and I was saying the prayers, I could feel being surrounded by very large figures, and could see a few with my eyes closed (all Male) , they looked like Chinese governmental officials would look like from few hundred years ago... like some of the Dieties represented in Taoist statues and images... except I saw them as made of different colored lines... like glowing line drawings.

After I burned the joss papers, I went to another room, and promptly felt a goos-bump chill feeling wash over me, but it wasn't unpleasant , it was sort of shocking but felt good.

I'm going to do this every 1st and 15th of the Chinese calendar that I can.

- Taoist New Yorker, USA
- 7th Feb 2018

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Testimonials of 'Protection All In One' Talisman & 'Ultimate Playboy 3 In 1' Talisman from a New York Man

Hi Taoist Sorcerer,

An update on the Talismans you created for me..

The Protection All In One Talisman - Nothing terrible has happened to me since I got it, and my life has been going through some difficult yet necessary changes( a shedding of false friends etc etc etc) towards upward progression etc. I have hung that Talisman above the inside of my front door and stop on occasion to ask for help with progression in my life etc.

The Ultimate 3 in 1 Playboy Talisman - About a month after I got it, I had a wild and passionate weekend with a beautiful younger woman (16yrs difference) after not getting 'any' for two(!!!) years. I will see her about twice a year when she is up here for business, but I have no doubt that if she lived in NYC she and I would be a couple etc. I have only gotten some from another woman once after that, but that is due to my own karma... i.e. generally bad luck in this area... there have been many opportunities, but something seems to get in the way... BUT much less so than before, so I know that Sù Nǚ (素女) is helping me, given my own unique circumstances .

Anyway, thank you very much, hope all is well in Singapore, and I wish you a Great and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Mr New York - 31st Jan 2018.

Since Getting A Kumantong From U, I had Strike Ibet Starter & Toto System...

Kumantong 4D Master,

Since getting a Kumantong from U, I had Strike Ibet Starter and Toto System from "Shake A Cup" Method.

Both small amounts but I can already feel the difference. I had missed TOP 3 by one number on 2 occasions. All these since end Dec 2017 only. I think better things are coming.

Had sent You a Small Token Of Appreciation to Your Bank Account.

- Ah K. , SG

Gods Of Wealth Talisman Help Client Strike 4D 3RD Prize!

"The God Of Wealth Talisman had helped me strike a bit. Here is a little token of appreciation, Thank U." - Client Lim Of Gods Of Wealth Talisman

(Click Image Above To Enlarge)

Client Lim have been winning Singapore Pools 4D TOP 3 Prizes ever since he ordered and kept the Gods Of Wealth Talisman. This time, he won 3rd Prize Ibet again and sent SGD$20 Ang Bao (Token Of Appreciation) to Taoist Sorcery Master (a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master).

Takte Note: The fee  to create and empower Gods Of Wealth Talisman is not cheap. Not many people can afford it or willing to pay the expensive fee to have it done for them. Kindly email Taoist Sorcery Master and ask how much is the fee.

Win Not Much.. Only Hit DIRECT Consolation Prize on Singapore Pools 4D

Kumantong 4D Prediction (Kumantong 4D Master's own personal 4D Number) given by Kumantong , hit Direct Consolation on Singapore Pools 4D.

Hitting Starter or Consolation usually might be a hint given by Kumantong that the same number might hit TOP 3 Prize soon.

Gods and Ghosts are always there waiting to help You to win the lottery.

Modern days "educated" people are too "smart" not to believe in this "bullshit".

I Won Starter tonight! I've been buying for years and haven't won anything in a long time!

Hello Super KMT,

I won Starter tonight! Very happy and many thanks to you and your kumantongs! Although the prize is a small amount but happy that at least I won something. I've been buying for years and haven't won anything in a long time :( In appreciation, I have transferred $20.00 to your account for your ang bao and offerings for your kumantongs. Please thank your kumantongs for me for their help. Looking forward to more wins :D

- L1711, Singapore
29 Oct 2017, Sunday

Kumantong 4D Power Tip:
Hitting Starter or Consolation is just a hint that TOP 3 Prize is coming. Might hit again. It is a way kumantongs give hint.