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Testimonial From Ryu Zan - Hong Kong

Hi Sly!

It's been a while, I hope you're doing fine man. Still remember me? Haha...

Anyways, just wanted to share with you some 'changes' which are in a way positive. Part of it is your credit so I wanted to write to you to let you know as well. Although not the top 3 prizes, but I was able to win the 6th prize. Not much, but hey.. it's something right?

The funny thing is that the numbers my GMT (Kumantong) gave me, only one number came out the same as the resulting numbers. I brought an extra row; and all I did was add one to each numbers my GMT gave me, which is a pattern (sometimes) I notice. Not sure if this is a GMT's like to give you hints or not, but that help me to win the 6th prize. Despite only one number came out the same as the result from him, the numbers he gave me were pretty close to the 1st-2nd prize resulting numbers. The were 1-2 numbers behind. I'll give it a try again, there is always next time; and I have a feeling I'll win soon.

I've been doing a lot of struggling and fighting and I've finally come to resolve my inner conflicts and decided to be my old self - which is to be positive and keep fighting. I feel much better and less upset nowadays.

Another thing I want to say is that I believe the Protection Talisman I got from you also helped me in winning the 6th prize despite it not being for that purpose. (has a little) More important is that I know it has helped me to protect me from people who want to harm me, one in particular my mother. There was one time when I was sleeping, and I suddenly couldn't move 'sleep paralysis' and I opened my eyes and could see my room. I told myself, "I'm not afraid of you so fxxx off!" Afterwards, I can hear my mother shouting my name and it disappears, you know like when you shout in a cave and the echoes slowly die away? That's how her voice sounded like and I believe part of it is your Protection Talisman.

So I would like to say a partial "thank you my friend". Hopefully the next time I write to you I'll be in a better life and debt-free. Thanks!


That's what I find all this fascinating... because all this time I've been depressed and slowly drifting away from my old self.. my motto is "You can either bitch while you sit there or you can bitch while you walk".

Unfortunately I've stray and bitch while I just sat there struggling when i could have bitch while I was walking forward. I have to tell you it took a lot of strength to pick myself up again to reconcile with my old self.. but I'm here and hopefully I'll be able to change the tides.

But again I really have to thank you Sly. One of the reasons for the strength I got was from you. If I didn't met you, I think I would still be back at square one. I truly have learnt a lot from you and in a way you woke me up a few times. So I guess my deduction about my GMT 'setting' me a direction to meet you was fate and I'm grateful for this. Hopefully things will turn to the better even more... I'll keep trying and let you know too!

Ryu Zan - Hong Kong
22 July 2013