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Ang Bao Of SGD$38 For Striking Direct Consolation On Her Personal 4D Numbers With Kumantong Blessings

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

Good day!
Your kumantong help me to strike again.  I have just make a transfer of S$38 to your account for Ang Bao for you and Offerings for kumantong. Please help me to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantong.

This is my appreciation to Kumantong Master and Kumantong  for blessing me to strike my own number 0354 consolation yesterday (10 May 2015 - Sunday).

May your kumantong continue to bless me.

Thanks and best regards.

- C. Chua, Singapore

Short Note: C. Chua hit Direct 1st Prize and sent Ang Bao of SGD$1388 on Saturday (9 May 2015 - Saturday). On Sunday (10 May 2015 - Saturday), She hit Direction Consolation and sent Ang Bao of SGD$38.

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