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Testimonial From Nicolas Lim Shi Jie

Hi I wanna share this with everyone on how I discovered Kumantong 4D website and The miracles of KMT.

During 2009 I was in NS. I'm short of money every month as its allowance was too little. I searched non stop for good ways to strike 4D but to no avail.

Then I was watching some youtube videos on How you can be rich by using spirits to predict numbers. But those are evil and not recomended.

Then during July I discovered there is this kind of spirit called Kumantong from Thailand. I researched more into this topic and finally found Kumantong 4D Power website. I was shocked and at the same time Happy.

At first I didn't know it was possible to predict 4D numbers for next draws using Kumantong. But as I waited and waited I saw the results only miss by 1 number and always close to winning.

But The worst was yet to come...

During December I was in NS, the whole month I was busy non-stop, then on the 9 of December is the day I forgot to buy 4D... Then it happened to Strike Direct 2nd Prize! I was too busy in camp and i forgot to buy!

I threw things in my house being too disapointed and upset. I could have won BIG TIME but due to too busy i forgot to even ask some 1 to buy it.

Then in 2010 March, I decided to keep a Kumantong for myself. I called sylvester to order 1 for myself. So finally I bought it.

Sylvester is a very good person and friendly. After I bought the Kumantong We met up often for food and to walk around town to slack.

By the way, Sylvester's Kumantong Prediction are always very accurate. It miss sometimes because it is to test your faith.

For me now, it is simple. Every Wed, Sat and Sunday, I don't care win or not just buy 5$ Big 5$ small to play safe.

I know if always miss and didn't strike You guys might give up following Kumantong 4D Power. However, if really strke Direct 1st prize You all will feel " Wah-Lao! SH*T Y I DIDN'T I BUY IT". So no matter what just buy every week without fail.
Finally to end it all. Just remember Kumantong works in very mysterious ways it will test your faith.

Hope you guys continue to support Kumantong 4D Power.

And Sylvester Thanks for selling me the Kumantong

You the best Bro take care.