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Testimonial From Terry Harry

I was looking for some thai amulet for blessings and fortune, because I just got conned off 10k (loaned from the bank). Then, I stumbled upon KMT 4D power. It had posted all the proofs of how accurate the KMTs are. And for just $8/mth to join, I decided to give it a try.

Initial observations tells me that the predictions can either jump for sg 4d to my 4d and vice versa, or coming 1 or 2 weeks later. So I decided to buy numbers for past week for sg 4d only. After several weeks of drawing blanks, I wrote my predicament on the chat wall, hoping KMT will bless me. Sylvester replied that he will feed back my story to the KMT. At the same time, I saw that someone strike consolation and then Starter again on SG 4D while betting on Malaysia 4d Prediction on Singapore Pools 4D , so I decided to change tactics and bet SG and Malaysia instead. That was when I won Direct Third Prize, which jumped from Magnum 4D to Pools 4D. I guess KMT did bless me after hearing my story.

Thank you KMT and Sylvester. I hope KMT will continue to bless me so that I can pay back the loan asap. Hope that everyone else in KMT 4D power will strike frequently too. Bless us all.