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Testimonial from Jason Loke

A member from Malaysia who just sign up for Kumantong 4D Power and follow Kumantong 4D Prediction for the 1st time ..

Hi Achan Sifu Slyvester ,

I really amuse by result by 4d 7125 3rd prize magnum but unfortunately had miss buy magnum today . I got go to buy at Sports toto 1128 ( finish No sale ) & Magnum unfortunately reach there late counter close before 7pm . I had unlucky moment .

I didn't expect that result will come so fast it a pity i had miss buy this magnum . Please ask kumantong child to forgive me . as if earlier i would have buy will win this magnum 3rd price . Then will happy to contrbute offering to this child . I don't know whether when i would have some more chance to receive winning prize . But i hope your Kumantong will still bless on coming result on Sunday 14Nov2010 . If really come again i do not want to miss buy again .

Kindly please let kumantong know that i will promise to offering this winning once result wins me lottery . I really in need extra cash at the moment . Kumantong child please bless upon me to gain your victory on your winnings . May the power within us shall we . Please forgive me . Thank you for your greatest prediction of your blacky Kumantong . .

Regard From Loke Chun Ming .