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Testimonial for Lup Yong Mini Oil Bottle - Malaysia Guy

Tell you my experience on the 1st day I bring Bro Lup Yong home. After I set up the altar for Them, which I place near Kwan Yin.

I light up jostick for Kwan Yin first, then light up for Bro Lup Yong. Then I hold the mini bottle in my palm and pray in front of Kwan Yin, to introduce new addition to the family/home. While I am praying and holding the mini bottle in my palm, I feel my hand shaking..

walau eh... my goose pimples really come out man!! You know that kind of feeling??

Then I look at my finger... really shaking wor... siau d laa I think too myself... Then after a while ok d laa... walau eh... scary a bit lor...

But I keep praying and continue my introduction, and bring the mini bottle in my palm and show Them my house area.

That's my experience.