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Testimonial For "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman from CY Cheang - Malaysia

Hi Kumantong 4D Master,

Just to share with you. Yesterday morning(wed 10.10.12), i use the "shaking cup" method using the WHITE TALISMSAN to ask for lotto numbers (malaysia 6/58 toto supreme whereby the jackpot is now about RM40,500,000.00) for the second time.

When i checked the results, 3 out of the 6 numbers came out. So got only rm8. No doubt a very small amount. Before using the White Talisman, using other methods,  the numbers never come near.

So I am very happy. Just imagine if only the other 3 numbers came out, i would hit the jackpot already. Big big Ang Pow for you for sure.

You know what, the first time I use Gods Of Wealth Talisman, when i opened it from the the plastic pack to tie it to the cup for shaking numbers, i got goose pimples. Then when i light up the incense, the goose pimples get stronger.

Yesterday, when i light up the incense, before shaking for the numbers, again i got the goose pimples. Really there is magic in it.

Best regards