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Strike 1st Prize with Kumantong's Blessing - R.Mark.Kessler

Hi sly,

I'm so happy to see 7993 as I was shock .... Totally happy n this number was some wrote halfway where the ticket was thrown aside . So I to it n bought the ticket . To my suprise , it hit n best of all it's first prize !

U know n u can see thru my face book almost every week I hit ever since I know Kumantong n you ! So as a token of my faith in Kumantong, I would like to offer back a token of my appreciation n offering for my mighty Kumantong.

With my little token, Pls do buy what is necessary n ask Kumantong to keep blessing me always .

Pls send me your account no to transfer . Thanks sly n stay in touch . N my mighty Kumantong, Keep blessing me with safety n luck always.


07 April 2013 - Sunday

Note: This is the reason why Mark strikes Direct 1st Prize again and again (For being a generous person.)

Kumantong Offering was done on behalf of Mark Kessler for sending his Ang Bao ( Token of Appreciation) to Kumantongs and Kumantong 4D Master. This way, Mark Kessler will continue to receive blessings from Kumantongs again and again and hit Direct 1st Prize non-stop.