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Testimonial from Wesley - Hitting 1st Prize from the hint given by Kumantongs

I want to thank Kumantong 4D Master and Kumantong Babies for giving me the blessing to hit 4D 1st Prize ( 28th April 2013 , Sunday).

For the non-believers,  let me show You the prove. Below is my 1st Prize Winning Ticket. 
 This is not the only time I strike 4D with Kumantongs' Blessings. In fact, last time I've strike both Direct and Ibet on TOP 3 Prizes occasionally from the Blessing of Kumantongs.
I don't  always buy 4D because I'm often broke. However,  when I decide to buy, I often  get the blessings from Kumantongs. 
Sometime there is this very strange, unexplainable feeling. It is like telling me I ought to buy particular set of 4D numbers. I followed that feeling that comes to me and strongly believed it must be the hint given by Kumantongs.
2 weeks ago (14 April 2013 , Sunday), I had already hit Direct Starter, which was a good sign and in return send $25 as coffee money to Bro Sly and his Kumantongs as offering. After that I haven't bought any 4D ( because I was almost "dry" already) until today because the same gut feeling came to me  again and told me I need to buy and just buy that particular set will do. I hit DIRECT 1ST PRIZE!.

I am pretty sure being in a pinch, Kumantongs knew my predicament and helped me out immediately.
I have known Kumantong 4D Master for a very long time already. The 1st time I met him was to meet him up to learn about How To Pick Up Girls from him and then much later, he told me about his another Secret Expertise - Strike Lottery with Kumantongs and Taoist Sorcery Skills.
All I can say is he is a very good friend to me. After I know him, I've strike 4D like crazy, which I have never won any before until I know him.
I use to think 4D Prediction is Bullshit and no such things as ghosts. After winning 4D so often, I cannot deny there is no such thing anymore.

Hope from my experience and story, You  folks can learn about the Spiritual Power of Kumantongs and get the same blessings from Kumantongs as well.
When You want to strike 4D or keep the best of the best Kumantongs, You folks should get directly from Kumantong 4D Master. 

Your Good Buddy,
28 April 2013- Sunday