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SGD$300 Ang Bao Again From Jasmine Teo who bought "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman

Hi hi again,
I have made a $300 transfer to your acct.. Is an offering to the talisman bought from you...

Many many more to come ahead .....

I might get another one from you... Update you later..

Jasmine Teo - Pasir Ris


Within 1 week after buying "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman, Jasmine had sent SGD$200 Ang Bao . Now, She sent yet another SGD$300 Ang Bao.

Receiving Ang Baos (Token Of Appreciation) is the best form of Testimonial. She must had won a lot of money either from the Lottery or in the Casino again.