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SGD$30.00 Ang Bao from Johnny Lim For Winning 4D

Hi Kumantong 4D Master,

I am very happy that I have strike some money based on the 4D numbers provided by you and our Dear Brother Kumantongs today - 20 Nov 2013. Though its not much, its actually a very good beginning for me. U guys are really amazing. I have not strike any 4D for a very long time. However, once I get to know u guys, I have begun to Strike 4D. Kudos to u guys, well done.

As a token of appreciation, I would like to transfer SGD$30.00 to yr bank acct once I have collected my winnings tomorrow for u to buy some offerings like candies or toys for our beloved and dear brother Kumantongs.

Hopefully in the next coming 4D numbers draw, I can strike more and bigger so that I can donate more so that u can buy more offerings to our dear and beloved brother kumantongs.

Best Regards,
Johny Lim - Bedok
20 Nov 2013 - Wednesday


Magnum 4D Prediction by Blacky Kumantong give 1488. Come out on Singapore Pools 4D as 1488 - 2nd Prize. With proper training given to the Kumantongs by Kumantong 4D Master, Kumantongs have special way to send hint on how to bet on the 4D Numbers given. Strike both 2nd Prize and Consolation.

Reference: 4D Prediction by Blacky Kumantong Hit 2nd Prize and Both Hands Raising Kumantong Hit Consolation on Singapore Pools 4D- 20th November 2013 - Wednesday