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SGD$50 Ang Bao For Winning Direct Starter - SGD$500 By Praying To The Pciture of 3 Kumantongs

8 Oct 2014 - Wednesday

Ah Tan: "Hi, how much is the "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman. I have been paying bank debts many years.. How much does it cost?"

Kumantong 4D Master: "Hello Alex, The fee to create and activate the "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman is at the moment USD$388, will increase anytime soon."

Ah Tan: "Ok. Thanks. Too expensive for me as I have a lot of credit card bills to pay every month.."

Kumantong 4D Master: "Another way which You don't need to spend money... You can pray to the 3 kumantongs shown at the Kumantong Blog, and then shake a cup of numbers to get your own personal 4D numbers. Some people have strike direct Top 3 Prizes using this method before."

Ah Tan: "Sorry. Where is the 3 Kumantongs Blog?"

Kumantong 4D Master: "The URL is , or any Kumantong 4D Power Related Blog "

Ah Tan: "Thank u. I will try.."

17 Oct 2014 - Friday

Ah Tan: "Hi. Just to check with you. Last week i take number from the kumantongs. The number come out on Wednesday starter. I strike $500. Would like to donate some $. Cos i have a lot of debts to settle.. how can i donate? Can i take another number from the blog? For 4d and toto..."

Kumantong 4D Master: "Hello Tan, MY POSB Saving Bank Account: 118-09409-3 .You can do donation / offering / money for toys to my POSB Saving Bank Account. You can continue to seek 4D Numbers from the Kumantongs. When You strike again, I shall continue to do a Prayer to them on your behalf."

Ah Tan: "Hi. Transfer done.."

Kumantong 4D Master: "Thanks"

Special Note From Kumantong 4D Master:

Folks who can't afford the price / fee , or simply not interested to pay to own a "God Of Wealth" Talisman / Kumantong Statue from Kumantong 4D Master, can either  sign up for Kumantong 4D Prediction , or if can't afford, or not interested to pay for the Monthly Subscription Fee, can follow this FREE Method - By praying directly on the '3 Kumantongs' Photo and use the 'Shake A Cup Of Numbers' Method to seek own personal 4D Numbers. Usually 90% chance will confirm Strike A TOP 3 Prize.

If You Strike , remember to do offering to show Your appreciation to the 3 Kumantongs.  If  You strike Big, but never show appreciation, You WON'T BE PUNISHED by the Kumantongs, just that they will not BLESS YOU anymore in future.

The Kumantongs trained by Kumantong 4D Master can sense and detect who is praying to them far away at every corners of the world. 

If You are in desperate need of help, Kumantongs will bless You immediately to Strike The Lottery. All You need to do is.. If You Strike 4D, remember to do Offering / Prayer by sending Money to Kumantong 4D Master , and he will do a Prayer on Your behalf to thank the Kumantongs.  

Some Folks Who Strike 4D By Praying To Kumantong 4D Picture:
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