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Total Ang Baos Of SGD$316 From Singapore Members For Hitting 1st Prize - 19 Nov 2014 - Wednesday

Alex - "Boss. I just trf $78. Please check"

Mike - "Hi Bro, managed to strike an ibet 1st prize again. Thanks for everything. God bless and continue to bless me. sent u a token of $80 bucks for offerings"

Francis - "Thanks! Will transfer Ang Bao - $20 tomorrow morning"

Low - "Bro, I have bank in $50 to Your POSB Saving Bank Account"

Wilson - "Wah Bro! Thanks! Your Kumantong 4D Prediction damn powerful. Can every time buy, every time strike!"

Within 3 Draws , Strike 2 times 1st Prize!

On the 15 Nov 2014 - Saturday, already Hit 1st Prize. On 19 Nov 2014 - Wednesday Hit 1st Prize again! Within 3 draws , hit 2 times 1st Prize!

Receiving Ang Baos (Coffee Money) are the best Testimonials.

Singapore Die-Hard Followers Of Kumantong 4D Power Strike again on 1st Prize. Total Ang Baos received SGD$316.

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