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Total Ang Baos Of SGD$727 From Singapore Members For Hitting 1st Prize - 17 Nov 2014 - Saturday

Bryan - "Hi Bro, Just send u $88.00 angbao. Striked sys bet $1 on 5589 SAingapore Pools 1st Prize yesterday :-D ,Huat ah!"

Francis - "Hi Kumantong 4D Master, Just transferred S$30 Ang Bao to your POSB Saving Bank Account : 118-09409-3 this morning as a token of appreciation and also to buy candies and offerings for your Kumantongs"

Mike - "Hi Bro KMT, I have already transferred you a token of $388 for your KMT. Please thank them for me for helping me to strike 1st prize for yesterday draw. I really need this amount currently due to my financial difficulties. It came in handy. Please continue to bless my family and let me win more prizes. Thank you very much"

Calvin - "Hi Bro, Strike Ibet 1st Prize. Here's little token of appreciation - SGD$28 to buy some offerings and treats for the Kumantongs :) Huat Direct soon arh!!"

Alex - "Hi. Strike $400 plus Ibet first prize 8595. Will transfer $100 Coffee Money to you tomorrow. Thanks"

Receiving Ang Baos (Coffee Money) are the best Testimonials.

Singapore Die-Hard Followers Of Kumantong 4D Power WIN again and this time Hit 1st Prize. Total Ang Baos received SGD$727.

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