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3rd Feedback Update From Happy Lady - I Am Happy That The Love & Break Up Ritual Work & Working

Hello Taoist Sorcery Master,

I hope you are doing fine.

It has been about 1 month since you helped me with the "Break Up Wife Ritual" and "Love Bonding With You Ritual" & would like to update you on the results.

He has come & look for me whenever he is free for the past 1 month & we exchanged texts pretty often too. But I realized that the feeling we have now is not like before, or to put it that I feel he don't love me as much as before like in the past.

Maybe we broken off earlier & it is just 1 month we become together again, so I will need give myself more time to see how things goes. But I am happy ritual works & is working.

As for the break up ritual, he never shared what happen at home & how his life is with his wife, so I do not know how things are for now. Can you advise me if I should continue to let tings happen naturally?

When do I need to do enhancing in able to have a better results?

Thank You
Happy Lady
23 April 2015

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Important Note To Readers:

 1) Using Black Magic / Sorcery to break up a loving married couple is very evil thing to do. Unless, You are already sure the married couple are no more in love with each other for many years and You want to give them a final boost to divorce and walk separate ways.

2) Enhancement Ritual can be proceed if the main ritual show positive results. Depending on the heart of  an individual, some folks want to make sure that the ritual works to the max and nothing give way to  it. Usually enhancement ritual is not needed, and not compulsory, as the main ritual is enough. You must have the means (money) too, because ritual fee is not cheap.

3) Each individual is unique in his / her own fate. Same love ritual done on different individuals may achieve different results. There is no guarantee of success when ritual is done. The duty of a Spiritual Master is to perform ritual to seek help from gods and ghosts. Whether a problem will be solved , depends solely on the gods and ghosts. He personally has no magical power. His only power is the ability to invoke gods and command ghosts but has no control of the results.