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'Hit The Villain' Ritual (打小人) Is A Success - Taoist Sorcery Revenge Black Magic

Before - "This is about a lady for 2 years I'm with the current company. I see her always thinks she is very good and because she belongs to the pre-opening team,and go around shouting at people. She is also very rude. I'm in HR dept, she always open my door and demand things from us. Sometimes she shouts too. This afternoon I cannot take it, she shouted for us to her request and I was on the line with another staff. It is so embarrassing. What do you suggest for this lady? She even ask my staff to follow her religion. I feel that it is too much." - 3rd Sept 2015

28 days later...

After - "By the way, just to inform after the 'Hit The Little Man' Ritual (打小人) was done, that lady looks chui (crumpled) now, eyes like swollen. Thanks".  - 1st Oct 2015

Miss Hard Working,

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