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Kumantong 4D Prediction Is The Real Deal - Testimonial From A Kumantong 4D Subscriber

NOTE: This is Not a paid Testimonial, I am a subscriber and the objective for writing this is to inform potential subscribers to Kumantong 4D Power about what to look out for.

I came across Kumantong 4D Power Prediction from the internet and found it very interesting.

I feel that the monthly subscription fee is reasonable, and so I decided to give it a shot.

Previously I have subscribed to the others so called "4D Masters" who used software to predict 4D numbers. There are quite many around. If you subscribe to them, they wiĺl give you many, many sets of numbers to buy. If you buy many, many sets of numbers, surely you will strike and win 4D, BUT you will end up losing a lot of money instead.

WHY? This is because you buy too many numbers and the prizes are not enough to cover your losses.

Seriously, You do not have to even believe me, I speak the truth so I have nothing to fear.

If you want to subscribe to the 4D Masters who use Software to predict 4D numbers, please go ahead, try it. But Try It with Real Money.

Some of these 4D Masters, they even offer you to make money by referring to other subscribers.... Seriously???!!! I do not know how they sleep at night, and I am a firm believer of Karma. If you add value and make money from it, that is fine. Otherwise, it is not fine and totally unacceptable.

If the 4D prediction works, and their subscribers can make money, they will not want to waste time and effort to do this referral program, correct?!


I have a very positive experience with Kumantong 4D  Prediction. The Master follows up closely if you have login problems and is very pretty fast to reply.

He is a genuine and caring person who has a heart, this is what I found and observed from our email communications.

Kumantong 4D Prediction is only 1 New Prediction per 4D Draw Day.  You just buy the new prediction number for that specific draw day. NOT buy the same numbers over and over again , hoping to striking on that month, which is what other so-called "4D Masters" do. If You miss, usually only miss by 1 number on TOP 3 Prize. If You strike, You strike on the same day the Prediction Numbers are given. It is always on TOP 3 Prize as well. 

You will not strike every time but you will strike very often.

And yes, he also believes in Karma. I have sent Kopi Money to him before, not because he asks for it, (he never enforced anyone to) but I thought it is something of a small token or gesture from me. When I strike Bigger, I will send Bigger Kopi Money.

Of course, we do hope the accuracy can always become even better, but the ratio of winning often vs winning of times in a month or a year is always a balancing act... I do not know how to compute. Maybe it is because sometimes I bet small, sometimes I bet bigger.

I hope the above points can help any potential subscribers to make a more informed decision.