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Been sending Ang Bao money to You & Your KMTs for the past 3 months!

My mom and I have been sending Ang Bao money to you & your kumantongs for the past 3 months!

While you were away on spiritual retreat, we followed your instructions, prayed to your 3 Kumantongs and get 4D numbers by ourselves.

I use the "Shake The cup" method and got myself 3 sets of numbers over 3 months. 1 number came out 3rd prize (but I didnt buy). The rest I won small small iBet consolation prize. My mom won 4D 1st Prize last month as well!

All the number I asked for were at least 85 percent accurate. Ahaha! Oh well better buy than not buy. Worst case is just miss by 1 number! Amazing!

Wil, Singapore