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Honest review from a Westerner who kept several Taoist Talismans

Hi Taoist Sorcery Master (a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master),

I had previously purchased the 'Protection All In One' Talisman , I have been fully satisfied by this talisman and will order other talismans from you in the future.

Also a note on the 'Ultimate Salesman' Talisman I purchased. I have not noticed a huge difference in how people perceive me, or that people perceive me as charming.

However, my supervisor has commented that we're making more sales then the other store. To be clear, our storefront has two buildings side by side, however each store has a manager whose income is tied to that store..

The main building is larger and has much more salespeople, but they are making less sales. Anyways, even though I have not really been impressed by the sales talisman yet, it is bringing in more business gradually.

-M.Q , United States

Words Of Wisdom from Taoist Sorcery Master:

When a Talisman is kept or used, or after a ritual is done, whether the result is fast or the effect is slow, folks shall be patient and let the magic works by itself at it's own timing. Different folks, different fate, therefore different timing. 

Deities, divine entities, or ghosts are preparing and guiding You for Your success.

When the time is right, flowers will blossom. When Your time comes, You will prosper.