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Positive Feedback from A Taoist New Yorker On Improvising A Mini Taoist Altar & Burning Of Joss Papers

Thanks very much Taoist Sorcerer, I did it on the day of the full moon.

My set up wasn't the best ( pic attached... I used tinfoil to make a container for the joss papers ) . When I said the Chinese Prayers (Taoist 10 Important Chants) while holding the mini Joss Sticks and burn the Joss Papers, I basically said thank you to the Dieties for their help, and asked for continued help etc.

A few interesting sensations while I was doing this: As my eyes were closed and I was saying the prayers, I could feel being surrounded by very large figures, and could see a few with my eyes closed (all Male) , they looked like Chinese governmental officials would look like from few hundred years ago... like some of the Dieties represented in Taoist statues and images... except I saw them as made of different colored lines... like glowing line drawings.

After I burned the joss papers, I went to another room, and promptly felt a goos-bump chill feeling wash over me, but it wasn't unpleasant , it was sort of shocking but felt good.

I'm going to do this every 1st and 15th of the Chinese calendar that I can.

- Taoist New Yorker, USA
- 7th Feb 2018

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