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Testimonials of 'Protection All In One' Talisman & 'Ultimate Playboy 3 In 1' Talisman from a New York Man

Hi Taoist Sorcerer,

An update on the Talismans you created for me..

The Protection All In One Talisman - Nothing terrible has happened to me since I got it, and my life has been going through some difficult yet necessary changes( a shedding of false friends etc etc etc) towards upward progression etc. I have hung that Talisman above the inside of my front door and stop on occasion to ask for help with progression in my life etc.

The Ultimate 3 in 1 Playboy Talisman - About a month after I got it, I had a wild and passionate weekend with a beautiful younger woman (16yrs difference) after not getting 'any' for two(!!!) years. I will see her about twice a year when she is up here for business, but I have no doubt that if she lived in NYC she and I would be a couple etc. I have only gotten some from another woman once after that, but that is due to my own karma... i.e. generally bad luck in this area... there have been many opportunities, but something seems to get in the way... BUT much less so than before, so I know that Sù Nǚ (素女) is helping me, given my own unique circumstances .

Anyway, thank you very much, hope all is well in Singapore, and I wish you a Great and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Mr New York - 31st Jan 2018.