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Client sending other people's amulets / takruts away after getting powerful Kumantong and Taoist Talisman from Taoist Sorcery Master

Client Lim: 
"Hi Master, I need some advice from you. Previously, I bought some Thailand Takrut and amulet from a local dealer by postage, but seriously I do not know if they were spiritually activated. And I do not remember who I got them from because I couldn't find them on Facebook anymore.

Let's assume they were spiritually activated, I would like to send them away since I already got Your powerful Kumantong and God of Wealth Talisman from you.  Is there anyway I can send them away without offending them? Thank you."

Taoist Sorcery Master (a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master):

You can cast them onto the flowing river or sea. Then light up incense sticks and thank them for their help. You can stick the Joss Sticks on the sand or grass patch, burn few pieces of Kim Zua (Joss Papers for the deities level) at the spot.

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