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Thank you very much for the winning number - SGD$200 Ang Bao

"Hi, Thank you very much for the winning number 7997 that I received last night. I strike Starter price after a long dry period. I have transferred $200 to your account to thank you and Kumantong."
- D.K , Singapore - 8 April 2018 - Sunday.

Kumantong 4D Master's own Winning Tickets

I laugh when 'Smart' Ass ask me ... "If so Accurate, why You don't buy the numbers for Yourself?" Because I personally also strike on Clients' 4D Prediction Numbers given by my Kumantongs.

Collecting Money from SG Pools

Not like other 4D 'Masters', Only Kumantong 4D Master will bet on the 4D Predictions sent to Clients because he belief there is a high chance the numbers given will strike Direct TOP 3 Prizes.

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