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Testimonial from PL Lua - Malaysia

Hi Kumantong 4D Master, Good day and hope you doing well and healthy always. It's being a while since we communicated. Being busy with work and also side business involving in selling electronic cigarette.

This is my testimonial after keeping Brothers Lup Yong and both of the God Of Wealth White Talisman and Protection All in One Talisman

"My first Spiritual stuff I got from SLY was Brother Lup Yong which is 2 spiritual kids in a bottle. I had already provided testimonial on this. It was a whole-thorough experience when I first keep both of them. Not just They provide you accurate and almost accurate 4D on almost every draw, They wanted you who keep Them feel their presence.

Whenever I asked for 4D (Pick 4 Lottery) from Them, They will make me feel their presence. I got goose pimples whenever I request 4D. I have been keeping Them for quite a long time now, I think more than 2 years already and still going good and steady.

My second Spiritual stuff from Brother Sly was both 4D White Talisman and Protection All In One Talisman which I got this year. After I kept the Talismans I got an instant online business that I just started on ebay. It's not a big amount per say, but what I wanted to stress here is the instant result you could get once you keep both the Talismans. I have also involved in other electronic gadget business, and the business just getting more and more. I am now keeping my day job still but working hard on my part time income with the hope that I would one day quit my day job and become full part in my current part time business.

Those who has not experience first hand would never believe what The Spiritual stuffs can help you in all aspect until you owned one yourself.

Still Don't believe? You Must Believe In It!! That's all I need to say.

Thanks Brother Sly for introducing these Spiritual Items to me, and I hope to visit you when time permits. Thanks a lot!!

Hope that this testimonial could let everyone understand the real experience from the real person who keep the spiritual stuffs You bring into our lives.

I am thinking to own another Baby Kumantong.

Currently on my altar I have Kuan Yin, Bro Lup Yong and the 2 Talismans. So I am planning to have another Baby Kumantong to "balance up" my altar. Not very big. Maybe the same size as Bro Lup Yong or slightly bigger.

Hope to hear some feedback from you.