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Testimonial from PL Lua - Malaysia

An interesting story to share with you which happen last night. I was planning to get another KMT (I wrote to you last night). Then after that I proceed as usual to request Malaysia Magnum 4D from Bro Lup Yong combined with the White Colour Talisman ( Gods Of Wealth) wrapped around the Shaking Cup of Numbers.

The number I was given was 0716 ( Magnum 4D Prediction for 16 September 2012 - Sunday).

On the 4D Draw Day (16 September 2012 - Sunday), I was out the whole day today and didn't get the chance to buy the number. Look at what came out tonight in Magnum 4D ?

hahaha... I just smile quietly in my heart and I know what's happening. I don't get upset because I knew there's more to come from Spiritual stuffs I am keeping.

This is just amazing!!! Like what You said and I agreed with you that you wont believe this until you experience this yourself!!

That's all I wanted to share.