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Testimonial from Johny L for Striking 4D again after following Kumantong 4D Power Prediction

Hi Bro Sly,

You & our dear beloved brother kumantongs are really awesome and amazing.

I have tonight managed to strike some winnings again - Full System Starter Prize. I intend to give you an Ang Pow to buy some offerings for our beloved kumantongs. I now have enough money to buy the 2 powerful talismans from you, which are the "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman and "Protection All In One" Talisman.

At the same time i will hand the SGD$88 Ang Pow to u personally. I also have this strong urge to pray personally and sincerely to all Your 15 kumantongs especially Oil Bottle Kumantong, Blacky Kumantong and 2 Hands Raising Kumantong whom I want to offer my special gratitude and great thanks and whom I feel have very great affinity with them.

Best Regards,
Johny L. - Bedok


The Prediction Number for Singapore - 0930 was given by Oil Bottle Kumantong on 18 Jan 2014 - Saturday. It came out as 3900 - Starter.

Kumantong 4D Power is not operating a house temple , therefore only close friends are allowed to visit the Kumantongs' Altar of Kumantong 4D Power.