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Testimonial from Kenneth Phua - So Happy To Know Someone who Really Know Everything About Kumantongs

I was grow up in a complicated family. Just like most of the people whom wish to be blessed and get rich. Once I met a few of friends who taught me to pray to kumantong , which was told that if I take good care of the kumantong, I will be able to get what I want.

But, too sad to said that the results was totally suck. Till the day I heard of Your stuff, I was so happy cos I finally get to know someone out there whom really study the kumantong hard.

I am just a simple guy who wish to meet a master whom really knows kumantong well and able to communicate with it.

If the kumantong could bless for me and let me strike for 4D once a while.... I make my promise to kumantong and master you that I will take out some of the money which I had won from the 4D to help those who needs helps. ....especially help to build up the kumantong temple's. ..I meant what I had said.

Last but not least, I sincerely hope that my wish would come true........

From Kenneth Phua.

Note from Kumantong 4D Master:

Kenneth's Wish came through after he followed the method taught to him. He was told to pray to the big picture of 3 Kumantongs at Kumantong 4D Power Blog  and shake a cup of numbers to seek his own 4D Numbers. He hit Starter Prize just after 1 try.

Folks who are interested to follow Kumantong 4D Power Prediction , yet can't afford or not interested to pay for the Monthly Subscription Fee can follow the same method: Pray to the picture of 3 Kumantongs at Kumantong 4D Power Blog, and shake a cup of numbers to seek his own 4D Numbers.

2 other Folks, who strike 4D by following the same method :
Once You strike 4D, remember to do offerings to the Kumantongs by sending  "Token Of Appreciation" and You will strike and strike again in future. If You have strike Big Prize but not interested to send " Token Of Appreciation" , nothing will happen to You.  Only thing is next time, Kumantongs won't bless You in striking 4D anymore.

Kumantongs trained and owned by Kumantong 4D Master have the power to bless those folks who pray on them  through the picture of 3 Kumantongs at Kumantong 4D Power Blog.