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SGD$18 Ang Bao to Kumantong 4D Master for Winning her own 4D number on 2nd & Consolation

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

Good day!

Many thanks to you and your Kumantong. Your kumantong help me to strike again. I have just make a transfer of S$18/- to your account for Ang Bao for you and Offerings for kumantong. Please help me to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantong.

This is my appreciation to Kumantong Master and Kumantong for blessing me to strike my own number Ibet 1967 yesterday.

Thanks also for the blessing from the Talismans.
May your kumantongs continue to bless me.

Thanks and best regards.
Chamelene, SG
28 June 2018

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