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Testimonial for "Attraction 3 in One" Talisman from Neighbour

I feel I really need to write this testimonial, as a way to thank this Kumantong guy and also share my personal  experiences to the  world who might has fate to read this post and to let everyone know the wonders of  Taoist Magic Mysteries.

The post below may sound kinda far fetched but its true..

I used to score well with girls in my teens. Sadly, now that I am in my twenties, things were looking kinda meek and gloomy. I just didn't seem to attract girls anymore.I mean, they would talk to me but when it comes to getting laid, something would block me. It was getting frustrating.

This Kumantong 4D /  Taoist Talismans Expert guy is actually my neighbour and we are very close like brothers. We would frequently hang out together for fishing, go for supper, have a chat and often smoke together outside our house.

One day, When we were smoking at the corridor, the topics of girls and women just came.

Well... being guys, We're guilty of boasting of our sexual escapades. I am no different. When he asked me when was the last time I scored, I had nothing other than my teen-hood stories.  Seeing me slip off, he probed  me further by asking. I came clean and told him that I haven't been lucky for quite a long time from the days in National Service and after ORD.

He kept silent for awhile and stood up, told me to wait and he walked off. He went into his house and came with a piece of Yellow Cloth on his hand. He push the Talisman onto my hand and said "Take It. It is a Female Attractant".

 "Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1" Talisman

To be polite, I smiled and accepted it reluctantly. I only knew he was good in keeping Kumantongs and personally strike few times on Ibet Top 3 Prizes while seeking 4D numbers from his Kumantongs in his house. Other than that, with no proves of anything, I considered all  magic and spells are mere Bull-Shits ( That was the past, but not now) . I stuffed the Yellow Cloth (with 3 weird looking logos drawn on it - I am not Chinese so I can't read any Chinese Characters) in my wallet for him to see as a form of courtesy and totally forgotten about it.

Fast forward... Two weeks passed, then 3 weeks...

I realised my facebook posts started getting more likes from the ladies. Weird, I thought. Then I started getting more and more likes and messages from teenage girls and mature ladies. I was happy but nothing to boast about.

Being me, I decided to massage one of the Hotter Babes. We started talking. We then started to Whatsapp slowly...  (The best part is coming)... Within 4 days of conversation online and whatsapp, THE GIRL WAS PESTERING ME TO MEET!

We went for a movie, dinner and went to my void deck to chat. Oh Yes,  take note that everything was paid by the lady ( Not that I was a cheapskate, but she insisted to be the one paying because she was the one wanting to meet me). We were just chatting and then ... SHE SUDDENLY HOLD MY CHIN AND KISS ME!

Seizing the opportunity, I went all out. I later brought her into my house and got laid. BTY.. I had never received such a SUPER POWER BLOWJOB in my Life. I thought it can only be found in Porn Movies. LOL!

Two days later, Met another girl and the same thing happened. I then start to recall the Lady Attractant Talisman my neighbour gave me. I was still kinda skeptical so I chose to ignore it yet again.

That was not the end...

In less than a week, the 3rd lady I laid... was my FEMALE CHINESE BOSS (A superior from a previous company). She contact me and said want to meet me to spend sometime together as she missed me. After meeting at the void deck,  She said  She wanted to drive me to Johor for good food, drink some beer and   check into a hotel after that. I was like... "OH MY SHIVA... Hotel... Hmmm...OK.. I know the hidden meaning."


After my personal experiences, I fully believe in Taoist Sorcery.

By the way, to make You guys feel jealous, I got the Attraction Talisman for Free from my Taoist neighbour because We are very good friends (or brothers). I heard it's kinda pricy. Hope You guys can afford it and reap the same benefits as well !! =)

Thank You Brother,
King Yama (Your Close Neighbour).

Reference: Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1 Talisman