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Testimonial for "Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1 (Play Boy)" Talisman from a Chinoy

Hello Folks, I have to say a super big big thanks to the man behind the Taoist Sorcery & Kumantong 4D Blogs :-).

1st of all, I need to remind You I'm not paid to write this Testimonial. I merely give credit where credit is due. I was a customer who ordered his "Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1 (Play Boy)" Talisman last year (September 2013) and it was not cheap.

I was doing some searching and research on Attracting Females With Spiritual Power, and I was fated to land on "Taoist Sorcery" Website. While, I was browsing and reading through the articles, I got hook to the "Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1 (Play Boy)" Talisman and in my heart & soul, I knew I gotta have it. I ordered it immediately from this Taoist Sorcery Master.

"Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1" Talisman

I always carried his FU(符) everyday! and it really works on me until now. Even when I am at work, Bar hopping, meeting new friends, and even during sex.

Believe it or not. His FU works! I tried to put the FU on my jeans while having oral from my girlfriend and fling girlfriends.

I noticed that the FU works like hell while on sex, believe me!!

Once a girl started to touches You and turns You on while carrying this FU, Definitely the next day hahaha she's begging to have another sex. So I always make sure they suck my cock while my FU is on my jeans! Hell yeah, it will be a confirmation then that we'll have another sex the next day lol.

I hope Master will soon have the FU imbued on a jewelry like necklace pendant.

Another occasion, I added a sexy and pretty girl on my facebook acc, she's a common friend of a friend on my facebook. What the hell, I chatted with her in just 2 weeks and we had agreed to meet up. With just 2 glasses of margarita and some talking, she's like a kitten begging to be bed and bang. I banged that girl the whole night. Wonderful indeed right? Lol

Furthermore On my career side...

I noticed that my colleagues become more attentive. They really listen to my ideas and suggestions. It is as if I can manipulate their thoughts and get their sympathies by just merely talking to them. Even my male colleagues, they enjoyed my company during bar hopping/ drinking session.

I don't know why, and one thing I am pretty sure! This Taoist Talismans by this Taoist Sorcery Guy really works on me!

Try it and you will know what I am saying.

Right now,18 December (2014), I requested "All in One Protection" Talisman and "Yin Shan Sect Fast & Furious 7 In 1 Wealth" Talisman from this Taoist Sorcery Master again. And he's creating and empowering them now. I cannot wait to see and feel the talismans on my hand! I know they gonna works as powerful as the "Ultimate Attraction 3 In 1" Talisman, if not, more so.

Master, More powers to you!

Mr. Playboy Guy ( Master, you know who I am). :-)
- Metro Manila , Philippines
- 18 Dec 2014 - Thursday

Personal Note From Taoist Sorcery Master: Different people have different level of  aura in attraction. The speed of showing results, after keeping  'Attraction 3 In 1" Talisman, varies from people to people. Some guys lay girls / women almost immediately like a Don Juan, on the 1st day after keeping the talisman, Some guys take weeks or even months to see results. One thing for sure, If there is no sign of girls attracting to You yet, You need to be patient, as the talisman is filling up Your Attraction Aura into Your soul.

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