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Client Win Ibet Consolation and Sent SGD$20 Ang Bao and a Lesson to Learn

Client Z.B Strike Ibet Consolation and sent SGD$20 Ang Bao. - "Hi Master, I sent a small token of $20 for KMT. Striked consolation with 8111. :)" - Z.B.

I (Kumantong 4D Master a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master) was too busy until never think and bought such numbers (3 same numbers) as Ibet. I should have bought  Full System at 1 dollar - Total 4 dollars, at least will Win 60 dollars. - Lesson Learnt: Pay Attention to the 4D Numbers when buying 4D.

Client was informed that   the same number is still valid for next try as haven't hit TOP 3 within 3 draws. Might be hint from Kumantongs that might come out Top 3 on next draw.

Malaysian Client Strike Magnum 4D Mbox 3rd Prize - Win RM1,512 - Gave Ang Bao - SGD$100

"Hi Master,Good evening.Would like to inform you that the number that kumanthong gave came out 3rd prize. I won rm1500. Will collect the money on Friday only and will send some money for kumanthong on Friday. Thank you so much Master." - Malaysian Client Sujithra , 6 April 2022  

Client from Malaysia asked for a set of Kumantong 4D Prediction for Magnum 4D. She paid the fee and I (Kumantong 4D  Master) did a ritual to seek 4D numbers from 'Both Hands Raising' Kumantong. She was given 7662.

On the 3rd Try, indeed, Magnum 4D came out 2766 - 3rd Prize. She had won RM$1,512.00. She  sent SGD$100 (about RM$300) as Token Of Appreciation (Ang Bao) and Kumantong Offering.

Interesting Fact: Notice that my Kumantongs  are located in Singapore and Client is from Malaysia and she was asking for Magnum 4D Prediction, which the 4D Company is located in Malaysia  and indeed, she hit 3rd Prize. This shows that Kumantongs are able to predict the upcoming 4D TOP 3 Prize Numbers from other Countries.

Prayer Offerings of Chocolates and Candies were offered to Kumantongs to thank them for helping client  to Strike 4D.  Every time when Strike 4D, must remember to thank them, so in future, Ghosts and Deities will continue to bless us with continuous 4D Strikes. 

To learn how to pray and seek 4D numbers directly from ghosts and deities by yourself , check out :

Kumantong 4D Tips - Kumantong 4D Prediction is valid for 3 tries (3 draws). There is no confirm sure strike. If really Strike, usually hit TOP 3 Prize , can be Ibet or Direct Strike. The goal is hopefully Kumantongs give You Strike Direct 1st Prize on the 1st Try.. but again, there is no confirm sure strike. There is also no free try.

Video of Chocolates & Candies Offerings To Kumantongs

Client Ardi from Australia has been blessed by his 'Supreme Master Investor' 7 in 1 Talisman & 'Gods Of Wealth Of All directions' Talisman


*He is seeking help from 'Gods Of Wealth Of All directions' Talisman to Strike Australia PowerBall Lottery!*

"Hi Sifu, The 7-in-1 Supreme Master Investor you make for me has been great so far in helping me in my investments and career. 

Few days ago I prayed to this talisman followed by praying to my God of Wealth of all directions talisman for powerball winning number. 

When the result announced, I'm very surprised. Even though I didn't win big, the number I got is very very close to the jackpot number. It only missed by 1 number each (ticket attached as a proof). 

 I believe this means Gods of Wealth and deities are listening to my prayer, and I hope the Gods blessed me with striking jackpot soon. 

I would like to send $100 ang bao to say thank you to Gods of Wealth and related deities"  -  Kind Regards, Ardi - Sydney / Australia

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Client Z.B miss her Ibet 1st Prize but still send Ang Bao - SGD$30 !

 "Hi Master, 8575 came out first prize (perm) tonight, i missed it since it is past 3 draws. :(  Nonetheless, can you help buy some candies for your Kumantongs? I have transferred $30. Although I didnt win the number your Kumantong gave, it still came up tops and very close! If only I had held on for 1 more draw. Oh well, but I am still thankful for Kumantong's help so far, and hope for continuous blessings." - Client Z.B, Singapore - 16 Feb 2022 (Wednesday).

Previously, Client Z.B, within  1 month, had won 6 times Singapore Pools 4D (mostly on TOP 3 Prizes). 

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Kumantong 4D Power Tips:

The beauty of 'Kumantong 4D Power' 4D Prediction is that the 4D Numbers given by My (Kumantong 4D Master) Kumantongs  are valid for 3 draws. If really Strike, usually will hit on the 1st Try and often time is on TOP 3 Prize (Can be Ibet or Direct Strike). 

If within 3 tries (3 draws), the Numbers given still haven't  strike , then it means the numbers have low chance to come out already and better to buy a new set of numbers. 

If the numbers given is missed by 1 number on TOP 3 Prize, or hit on Starter Prize or Consolation Prize, it might be hint from Kumantongs to inform You that the same numbers may hit TOP 3 Prize on next draw. 

The goal of 'Kumantong 4D Power' 4D Prediction is to strike Direct 1st Prize on 1st Try on every draws. 

Folks who ordered the Kumantongs or Wealth / Gambling / Lottery Related Talismans from me  (Kumantong 4D Master) also follow the same praying method to seek 4D Numbers by themselves and Strike Direct TOP 3 Prizes very often for themselves. 

When Kumantong 4D Followers Strike 4D by themselves, they also continue to send me Ang Baos (Money Of Appreciations) / Offerings Money to show their gratitude.

Wealth Related Talismans:

Client Cham Hit Direct Starter On Singapore Pools 4D - Win SGD$250 But Gave Ang Bao - SGD$88! Very Generous Indeed!


On Saturday (12th Feb 2022), Client Cham Hit Direct Starter On Singapore Pools 4D - Win SGD$250 But Gave Ang Bao - SGD$88! Very Generous Indeed!

This is the 21th Time Client Cham Strike 4D. Most of the time She Strikes Direct TOP 3 Prize - From The Blessings of her own 'Gods Of Wealth Of All Direction' Talisman and my Kumantongs.

"Good day! I have just make a transfer of S$88/- to your account for Ang Bao/Offerings to you and your Kumantong. Please help to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantong. This is my appreciation to you and your Kumantong for helping me to strike my own Singapore 4D direct number 2624. May your Kumantong continue to bless me and help me to strike Top prize. Thanks  & best regards." - Client Cham , Singapore, 13 Feb 2022 

Client W.L pray and seek 4D Numbers from Gods Of Wealth Talisman and Strike Ibet 2nd Prize

Client W.L pray and seek 4D Numbers from Gods Of Wealth Talisman and Strike Ibet 2nd Prize - Win SGD$124 - Gave Ang Bao SGD$18.

"Dear Master, I was praying to the Gods of Wealth Talisman earlier today, and won a small amount in the lottery. Have transferred to you $18 for some coffee money. I have also left my company, and my department of three people all quit at the same time due to my boss. It will be tough from now, but I know that the Gods will guide me. It has been a bit slow, but I will be patient. Thank you!" - Client W.L , Singapore , 26 Jan 2022 (Wed).

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Client Z.B Hit Direct 1st Prize - Won SGD$11,000 - Gave SGD$1000 Ang Bao

 "Master, I striked first prize again! Took Kumantong's hint and bought both 6439 and my personal number 6498 as well! I will transfer you $1,000/- in the next few days after I have the money banked in ok! Please help me to buy some candies for your Kumantong too for the continuous luck! I will let you know once I have transferred! " - Kumantong 4D Client Z.B , Singapore - 19 January 2022 (Wednesday)

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 6439 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction to Client Z.B.  She took the Kumantong's Numbers as hint and also bought her own personal 4D Numbers - 6498.

On the very 1st try, Singapore Pools 4D came out 1st Prize - 6498. Client Z.B won SGD$11,000. She sent me Ang Bao (Token Of Appreciation) - SGD$1000.

This is the 6th time Client Z.B Strike 4D.  Within 1 month (from 22nd Dec 2021 to 21st Jan 2022) , Client Z.B Strike 6 times 4D - 2 times 1st Prize, 1 time 3rd Prize , 1 time Starter & 2 times Consolation.

Kumantongs 4D Tips: I (Kumantong 4D Master) took the numbers (6439) and bet on it as well but it missed by 1 number on 1st Prize (6498). I didn't win money but I'd receive SGD$1000 Ang Bao from her. This is to tell You that Kumantongs have their own special way to let the selected person to win the money.

Client Z.B was also told to continue to bet on the same 4D Numbers again, because: If Kumantong 4D Numbers is missed by 1 number on TOP 3 Prize, it is a hint from Kumantongs that the same number might going to Hit TOP 3 Prize on next Draw.

Video Of Me Doing Candies Offering to Kumantongs 

For Helping Client Win 1st Prize - SGD$11,000 & My Ang Bao - SGD$1000