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The (Fox Spirit Series) Supreme Sex God (5 in 1) Talisman has a positive influence on me..

Dear Taoist Sorcery Master,

1.           At some point I thought as a practitioner, you may wish to know how the talisman you created and I have made progress. Thus, I pen these thoughts. I mean nothing written here in a negative way. At my age, I have seen, used, experienced, and understood the different amulets and talismans from different religions or practices. Your ultimate 5 in 1 talisman was, in my mind, my final dabbles in the unseen forces.

2.           Your prompt responses to me and equally prompt delivery of the 5 in 1 talisman, I must say, excited me. I had never waited for over 2 years to acquire a talisman or amulet, etc. I have kept the talisman close to me – in my pocket when I am at work and nowadays, even if I work from home. When I sleep, it is in my bedside table.

3.           I have had the talisman since 20.07.2023 so it is going to be 3 months next week. I have decided to keep and carry the talisman with me for the near future and I thank you for creating the 5 in 1 talisman for me.

4.           I wish to share my experiences since carrying the talisman based on your write-up and the reviews on your website.

4.1.       First, I’ve experienced that if I carry the talisman with a yoni amulet, I get slightly more glances from women than when I carry the talisman alone or when I do not carry any amulets or talismans. I am average-looking.

4.2.       ‘when a beautiful lady, a woman looks at you, she immediately gets turned on and wants you to lay her’. Well, this may be true but while I have had glances from women, they are often fleeting glances and on rare occasions a stare or two for perhaps 3 seconds. I have not had enough experience to determine whether the above is plausibly true.

4.3.       ‘The power of pretty girls self coming’. Perhaps, I give off a vibe that I am married even if I do not wear a ring. Or Perhaps I seem aloof and weird but I have had no girl approach me or want to know me. Thus far there has not been any beautiful woman magically surrounding or approaching and wanting to know me.

4.4.       ‘The power of Opposite Sex Attraction’. I have not noticed members of the opposite sex that come after me. I am by and large a friendly person. Maybe it is just the grey hair. I find it hard to say my charm is increased by 100 times. Previously, I always thought I was charming. I have had to revise my perceptions.

4.5.       The 1 or 2 girls or women who have hinted at me for sex have been prostitutes when I visited Thailand recently. Even then, nothing happened. Once, I found the woman to be pleasant and nice but not overly attractive and did not have the desire to have sex with her. On another occasion, having taken 2 women (not attractive but pleasant) for a night romp, I ended up sleeping alone as the 2 women were more interested in drugs and squeezing money out of me. I know I am a moron. But I believe these experiences will make me better. In any way, in all my encounters, I have been safe.

4.6.       ‘The power of social Power’. The social functions, clubbing, events or just everyday encounters is not much different now than before. But by and large, functions, events, meetings, discussions, etc have been pleasant. As a person, I have always desired to be more patient and kinder to people – to be a better human. I have noticed changes in reaching that goal which I had set for myself a year ago. I am having slightly better encounters at work and all. This could be because of the talisman. But the results are very slight and I am convincing myself that it is because of the talisman.

4.7.       ‘The Fox-spirit’. I cannot say anything about the explosion of my sexual attractiveness to lure women to come and lust over me. Even my wife does not. So, perhaps, women do but just don’t show it openly. I have also eventually been more observant (in fact, sometimes too observant) when there are women around, but I must tone that down otherwise I may look like a creepy older guy…lol.

4.8.       ‘The Banana Tree Fairy’. I may have had one or two partly sexual fleeting dreams in the last 3 months but nothing profound to remember. Perhaps, the fairy is also focusing on keeping my family and me safe.

5.           I choose to believe and think that the talisman has a positive influence on me. I will consider writing to you in another 3 months if you wish for me to do so to share my experience. Otherwise, since it is my nature to always see the goodness in every person, thing and experience, I thank you once again for the talisman. 

6.           I still enjoy a good relationship with my kids and wife and the people around me. My family does not face any disturbance and I am grateful for that.

7.           Thank you.

Best regards,

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Malaysia Client J.S Strike Sports Toto Iperm 1st Prize - Win RM2505!

Dear Master,

It came up 6020 for the 1st Prize tonight!!!! I won RM2505.00 for 12 Permutation !!! Glory be to Blacky Kumantong, he is a genius !!!!! 

Master, please send a Paypal Money Request Link of SGD$120.00 for thanksgiving to Blacky Kumantong and ang bao to you!!! 

Master!!! Without you being the intermediary between the deities and me, I don’t think that I will have this kind of assistance rendered to me by anyone. All glory to kumantongs, 5 Ghosts, Gods of Wealth and Spiritual Soldiers of the Gods!!! Yes, I am!!! I’m very Taoist now! 

Master, Blacky Kumantong can also predict 4D in Malaysia!!!! He’s an international predictor now!!!


- Malaysia Client J.S , 13 August 2023 (Sunday)

Short Note From Kumantong 4D Master (a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master):

Malaysia Client J.S has been seeking help on hoping to Strike Sports Toto 4D Jackpot  (Must Win 2 out of the Direct TOP 3 Prizes). 

Winnings doesn't come easier either. It took him several tries of different types of Lottery, before he starts to see Small Winnings coming.

The latest winning is the Prediction by Blacky Kumantong for Sports Toto 4D Jackpot. Only 1 out of 2 sets Hit Iperm TOP 3. He managed to Win MYR2505.

My Kumantong 4D Tips and Advice to Client J.S:

The goal is to win direct 1st Prize. I believe the divine spirits will bless you from now on. Once hit Top 3 already... The rest of winnings shall come easy. Kumantongs, Gods Of Wealth and Divine Spirits were testing Your Faith previously.  You have proven that You are a Strong Believer and from now on Winning Big Prizes shall come easy.

It is like entering into the VIP private room of the Left Path to Wealth. 

Not everyone has the opportunity to experience Winning Lottery Top 3 consistently through the power of Divine Spirits of Taoist Sorcery. 

You are one of the rare ones who are fated to come to me.

My Kumantongs & Taoist Wealth Related Talismans & Other Divine Spirit Soldiers not only able to Predict Singapore & Malaysia Lottery Numbers, in fact, it can also help to Predict Lottery Numbers of Western Countries, and every corners of the  World. 

There is no limitations, no obstacles and no bounderies by the Deities, Ghosts and Divine SPirits. They travel at the speed of thought to seek Prediction & Information. 

Previous Small Winnings By Malaysia Client J.S:

Malaysia Client J.S Win Abit Only - But Still Very Happy

"Dear Kumantong 4D Master, 

Glory be to both hands raising kumantong! 1745 didn't come up but 5741 in Starter came up instead and I won RM80.00 under Permutation! 

For 900230, it came up 845330 and I won RM200.00!!!!

I want to give an offering of RM28.00 to both hands raising kumantong. You tell him, if he lets me strike big, I will give him a very grand offering! Master, I only strike very little this time around, please accept my ang pow to you of RM2.00. I think you could send me a PayPal link of RM30.00. " - Malaysia Client J.S ,  24th May 2023 (Wednesday)

I'm extremely lucky to be fated to come to your Kumantong 4D Websites

 "I'm extremely lucky to be fated to come to your websites and to engage your services. 

        You are different from other masters and mediums as in, you could regularly seek 4D from your specialized kumantongs who are able to let clients choose which 4D company they want the 4D to strike.
    Others just generate a set of 4D and clients would have to bet three 4D companies so as to insure the 4D in case the 4D comes up in another company, say, if the client bet at Magnum but the 4D came up at Sports Toto, so, it's a dangerous situation: he has to bet all three companies to play safe, which is a waste of funds." - Malaysia Client J.S 

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Personal Note By Kumantong 4D Master: My Kumantongs and I (Kumantong 4D Master a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master) are located in Singapore, yet my Kumantongs still able to predict 4D / Lottery of  other countries, not just Singapore 4D / Lottery.  

Folks (who can't afford to pay the Kumantong 4D Prediction Service Fee or not interested to pay) have also Strike 4D / Lottery of their own country, by just praying to the Picture of the 3 Kumantongs  shown at my Blogs. My Kumantongs can detect those folks who pray to them earnestly online and give them blessings of many Winning Direct TOP 3 Prize Strikes (provided that they are not Free-Loaders - keen to give Kumantongs Offerings and my Ang Baos when they Strike Big Prize).

Even if I'm in any part of the world, I just need to bring out my Kumantong (Example: Kumantong Amulet Version), or bring out my 'Lottery Prediction' Talisman or Gambling Related / Wealth Related Talisman to seek 4D / Lottery Numbers of any countries, including Singapore.  

Not only that, if I happen to be in a particular country, a ritual can also be done to call-upon / invoked the Spirits or Ghosts at the nearby vicinity to help and give the potential Winning 4D / Lottery numbers of that country. 

Furthermore, by seeking help from my Kumantongs or 'Lottery/Gambling/Wealth' Talismans (Or You order Kumantongs or 'Lottery/Gambling/Wealth' talismans from me  and apply the same methods by Yourself), You can inform the deities or ghosts, or Kumantongs which exact 4D/Lottery Company of Which Country You want to Strike. 

Conclusion: Gods and Ghosts can help You Strike The Lottery anytime at any places, without boundaries.

For more proves and genuine examples of how folks of different countries Strike The Lottery, with the Support of my Kumantongs and Wealth / Gambling / Lottery Talismans, check out: Kumantong 4D Power Testimonials

Malaysia Client J.S Hit Sports Toto Direct & Iperm Consolation - Win RM$1530

Malaysia Client requested for a set of Sports Toto 4D Prediction. Both Hands Raising Kumantong gave him 6238. On the 2nd try, 6238 came out as Direct Consolation Prize. He won RM$1530. He gave Kumantong Offering - RM153 and my Ang Bao - SGD$20. In total he sent me SGD$65.
"Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

      Glory be to both hands raising kumantong!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!! 6238 came up in the Consolation Prizes!!!! I won RM1530.00!!!!! Send me a PayPal link of RM153.00 as offerings to Both Hands Raising Kumantong and an additional $SGD20.00 as your ang pow ( a token of appreciation). Many many thanks to both of your hard work! You can advertise this winning if you so wish. 

    Master, the bigger I strike the bigger offerings I would like to give offerings to both hands raising kumantong and bigger ang pow I would like to give to you! 

    Please tell him to bless me to strike top 3 direct in the near future. Thank you so much. " - Yours sincerely, J.S 

Malaysia Client J.S Strike Sports Toto 4D 3rd Prize Iperm - Win Only RM315

"Dear Master Sylvester, 

    I struck 4D in Sports Toto I Permutation!!!!! Third prize!!!!! All glory to the kumantongs for helping out!!!!

     Not a very huge windfall but I am very grateful. I WON RM315.00!!!! I will give 10% of my winnings to your kumantongs as what I have promised which is RM31.50 and Master, your ang pow of RM8.50. Master, please tell them to bless me more by winning direct and they will have more and you will have a fatter ang pow!!!! All thanksgiving to kumantongs especially both hands rising!!! Thanks!!! 

    Send me a link of RM40.00 as thanksgiving to them and ang pow to you. 

 I realised that the number strike last night is the inverse of 2697: 7962 walking backwards!!!!! So peculiar, so strange!!! Yet interesting!" 

--- Malaysia Client J.S - 15 March 2023, Wednesday


Short Note from Kumantong 4D Master (a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master) : 

Client J.S's Winning didn't come easy. He managed to win 4D only after betting on the 3rd new set of numbers. He didm't get to strike any prize for his previous 2 sets of  Kumantong 4D Prediction. I believe Kumantongs were testing his trust and faith before letting him win.

Some clients strike 4D immediately, some clients strike later and some clients never get to strike (and given up too early). 

Usually, after the 1st Winning from the 4D numbers  given by Kumantongs,  the future winnings will be much easier. Because You have shown Your faith and trust in them (Kumantongs) and won't grumble and fuming with anger if haven't strike. 

Kumantongs are expecting You to be calm and cool when You not yet strike any prize. Once You are able to achieve that , You will be showered with lots of 4D Winnings non-stop. It is one way how Kumantongs are caltivating Your heart, mind and soul to be peaceful, regardless of the outcome.

"Thank you so much for  all your rituals and prayers!!!!! I’m very grateful to them and also to you! The first achievement is the hardest; after that, with the help of the divine beings, nothing is impossible!!! You can advertise this piece of good news!!!! But just don't reveal my name. Just say a client in Peninsular Malaysia would do."  --- Malaysia Client J.S - 15 March 2023, Wednesday

Client V. Tan Strike Direct Starter with Gods Of Wealth Talisman - Sent Ang Bao SGD$38


"Dear Master,

I have just sent a token of appreciation to you, to thank you for the talisman blessings.

I received the Gods Of Wealth Talisman on Friday. Use the method taught to pray for number on Saturday. The number shake out was 8474. Though it did not open on Saturday and Sunday. However, on Sunday (2 days after receive talisman), I strike 7727 at starter.

I stopped buying this number for very long already. However, on Sunday as I drive, I kept seeing this number. So I bought it on Sunday evening and strike starter. I believe is the tailsman blessings as I have put it in my wallet. Thank you." - V. Tan, Singapore