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Testimonial and Kopi Money Of SGD$138 from J.G For Winning 1st Prize With Kumantongs' Blessing

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

Incredible news!

I strike 1st prize on Singapore 4D yesterday!

My own dream number was 1490. I bought $1 big system. Came out 0194!

This has definitely reinforced my conviction and belief that your divine Kumantongs have made it possible.

First time strike first prize though i have been buying 4D frequently for the last 25 yrs and also i tend to dream of numbers frequently too but hardly strike not even ibet....

Many thanks to You & Your KMTs....

I have credited my humble contribution of $138 to yr account this morning.
As usual please buy incense, food and toys for the KMTs

29 May 2014