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Testimonial and Kopi Money - SGD$88 from JG & Hubby For Winning Direct 3rd Prize

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

My husband strike 3rd prize Singapore 4D on wed. Exact number 3851.His own number. I strongly believe it is the divine workings of your KMT that made it happened.

On Vesak Day, we chanted n play the Itipiso chant n dedicated the merits to the 3 KMTs (Kumantongs) as per yr website. We asked for peace, harmony and prosperity for our family.

The next day, to our amazement the number came out. It has been quite some time since he last won the lottery.
We have credited $88 into Your POSB SAVING BANK ACCOUNT.
As usual please buy food, incense and toys for yr KMTs.

Many thanks to u and yr KMTs.
JG n Hubby
16 May 2014