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Testimonial and Ang Bao - SGD$28 from Boon

Dear KMT 4D Master,

I have transferred the subscription fee of $28 to your account. I would like to be honest with you, and at the same time share my story. Whether or not I am allowed to join is really up to you.

Like many others, I am in need of cash. I came across your website while surfing the web for 4d analysis software to help me with predicting what's coming soon and raise my chance of striking 4D. After reading the testimonials and stories you have posted, I decided to give it a try.

As you suggested, poor people who can't afford the subscription fee can pray to the picture and ask for a set of numbers, and I did.

I was given the number 2046 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction - 18 May 2014 - Sunday. So I read in your blog to buy to and fro, ibet. It came out 6052 - 1st Prize, miss by just 1 number. Although I didn't strike, coming so close to this number has made my skepticism vanished.

While praying for the number, I made a few promises if numbers come close or if I strike. And this $28 I transferred is not really considered kopi money, nor subscription. At least, it help cleared my skepticism. It was a miss by one number draw.

Of cause, I wish to also be involve in the subscribed list, but I think I ought to be honest and not hide from you, as well as your KMT. I will continue to buy my sets of number provided by KMT, and hope to strike soon. Any hints and suggestion will be much appreciated!

Thank you and I wish you good health and good luck, may your business grow and prosper!

18 May 2014 - Sunday