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Testimonial from Jimmie Gim

I accidently encountered wif it wen i was tryin 2 get a result for malaysia's 4d magnum. Ofcoz i knw some of d website, bt most of it didnt show d exact order. So wat happen was i went for a google search engine n wen d result comes out, tis blog was listed ther.

Its hard 2 say tat if i trust it o not coz im stil quiet new wif tis. Bt somehow ur KUMANTONG predictions is quiet GOOD and for d last 3 draws, d no was ther in d top 3 bt missed by 1 no n not in d right order. Neway thou i didnt strike it i stil thank u for d favor u did.

Its hard 4 me 2 compare ur Kumantong wif d other guru o software coz i nvr use other guru o software b4 n its jus bcoz its hard 4 me 2 get their service whereas its a diffrnt case wif u, d prediction is readily available by jus simply sendin u an email n askin 2b listed on ur 4d list.

N tats it so simple. 4sure i wud stil use ur Kumantong's prediction no...N hopefuly we gona get d rite no. In d last i wud like 2 thank for d favor u did...