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Testimonial from Gregg Oh

I get to know the web thru yahoo search on
winning 4d. Then i came across this web.

I study for quite a while on the numbers given by yr kind hearted
kumantong. It was amaze that they actually are very
very close to striking top 3 prizes normally missing a
number and jumble up. However, everything have
hi-cups. So till now haven't seen it striking top 3
but did open in starter and consolation all jumble up
not straight number yet. But i do believe giving them
more time it will strike straight and top 3 prizes.

Have not won anything big yet as am a small time
better. normally a $1 big on straight number cover
with a $1 i-bet. Hoping it will come soon for a big
ang-pow for the coming new year. Heehee....

The rest of the 4d is costly and not as accurate as yr
kumantong. All the way.... Keep it up and thanks for
sharing with us..