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Offerings and Thumbs Up from Members who Hit Singapore Pools 4D Ibet 1st Prize

rg: hello again syl, i wanted to do the donation today as we've won today •• so i just used paypal to send the kopi money. can't send much coz i just won on very small ibet... but just to say i am very happy and appreciate the help. many thanks again ...i think you will get the paypal email in a few minutes.

Sg 4d finally opened ibet First prize for 13/05. I didnt strike, as I have only been buying direct. Nonetheless, I have xferred ya $13.79 as a small token of appreciation for KMT's blessings, as I feel there's a need to thank them with candies, milk and incense offerings...

Pinklady: hello syl, i am also very happy to win the small amt for the number 2054. will be making e donation soon! thks thks KMT!

Umah60 (Malaysian Member),
I'm very very happy for the Singapore Members & you for the winning. Didn't I say the KMT babies are testing our patience. They know when to reward. I will be waiting for my time.